Wednesday, May 23, 2012

getting started!!

hey guys! before i post anything else in my blog. i would like to introduce myself first for you to know me better ..

well, i am richard andre beley jacob :) .18 years of age. born on the third of june.

i'm into dancing,photography and amateur in blogging. i am the eldest son and have 2 sisters and 2 brothers.
i'm a proud filipino staying in japan for about 3 years now.

my mother, jennifer jacob is a very cool mom. unlike the others, we're just like "barkadas".

she's really a strong and a hard-working mom. as a single parent, it is really hard to take care of five siblings, worrying about the budget, doing the household chores and working to sustain our needs. she's one of many people that really inspires me.

next is my sister, nicole (nicole julienne jacob). she just celebrated her 16th birthday last january. she's a senior highschool studying at ohiradai kokou. she's also a good dancer and fun to be with! :D

this was taken last may 13. we called it the "perfect day" because everything that day was really really really perfect! the mood, the weather the trippings, all!! haha!

here's my brother, renzo :) he's also a good dancer and loves to choreograph. he's turning 15 this coming july. he's a junior highschool in yoshin chugakko. (not sure about the spelling XD )

next is my sister, almira. im tired of saying this but yes, she's also a good dancer. i think it runs in our blood? haha! she's turning 14 this coming june. she likes to sing! haha! (first in the five of us!) she always watch youtube videos and sing along with it. her favorite? starships by nicki minaj and what makes you beautiful by one direction. i think she already played these songs hundred times! haha :P

last but definitely not the least, our "bunso", yuki. he's 8 years old and a grade 3 student. he loves to play soccer with his friends. sometimes, he also dance with us and sing along with almira.

we may have lots of differents, but those make our family perfect!!


Carolinne said...

What a beatiful family *-*' I like a LOT the introduce about you and your family members,its shows that you really care about them :DD'I'm Nicole's friend as well and I have to agree with you,she's really FUN to be with !'At school is just laugh when we get together hahaha' forgot to mention that she's good at basketball,very very good ;)'
Well,wish you success with the blog and you can consider ME as a new reader ;P'

xo ;*'
ps:sorry for my English mistakes,I'm not fluent YET :/'

jbwanders said...

Wow a cool way to start a blog. I wonder how I would start mine . More posts! -jbwanders on IG.

Earl said...

nice blogspot pre :)

Anonymous said...

nice blogspot pre :)

rchardjcob said...

wow!!!!! thank you very much :)

hehehe..i forgot to mention that.thanks again :)

rchardjcob said...

salamat! hahaha! sa susunod sa "CORRECTION" ulit ha? haha!

nadine said...

hi.. ang galing ngaman ng Bhezz ko.. gawan moko.. hoohoh lol!! ingat lagii miss you !!!
pagandahen mo pa toh ha.. :)

rchardjcob said...

salamat bhezz. mas magaling ka pa for sure pag gumawa..thanks ulit! :)

-iamsupervan said...

Beautiful family. :)

rchardjcob said...

thank you so much! :)