Monday, May 28, 2012

Beautiful and Crazy day :)

it was a lazy sunday morning when me and my sister, nics (nicole's nickname) have decided to go relax and have picnik in our favorite park before we go to work.

fresh from bed XD

going to our favorite park takes a lot of time because it was so far and we only used our bicycles to go there.

can't read it?? dont worry, me too XD

peek from act city :)

the sun is at it's height that day that made it even hotter. me and nics are so irritated when we needed to stop because of the traffic lights. in that way, we even feel more the heat!!

at last!, touchdown to the best supa (supermarket) in town, seiyu hahaha! seiyu is the best place to buy goods if you don't have much money. the price is too low compared to other supa :P!!

because it's a very hot day, me and nics immediately go to the dessert section and look for iiiiiiicecream!!
while she's to busy budgeting, i took some stolen pictures :)

lotsa ice cream = HEAVEN!! :P

mashed potatoes! 


after getting what we AFFORD XD we go to the cashier and pat them..

hahaha!! the staff re-punched our items because we lacked of 10 yen (5 pesos) hahaha! nakakahiya!!

now ready to picnik!!!

pa-stolen XD :))

all only for 6oo yen XD hahaha! except from pringles :P

onigiri = riceballs!!
using a straw because we forgot to ask for a spoon :P epic fail!!!

the epic old school snack!!
haaaay!! what a beautiful and crazy day :) 


Lawrence said...

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Lawrence said...

I already link up your blog to mine. Sorry for the too late response as I was kinda busy. Hope you could like me as well.

Jessica said...

wow, it was really crazy day hehehe... cool...

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

wow. this is such a great day :)

exchange links?

rchardjcob said...

haha! thanks! :)

rchardjcob said...

haha thanks!