Thursday, September 13, 2012

Universal Studio Osaka,Japan 7/15/12

Finally! after almost four hours of travel, we made it to universal studio osaka, japan! :P. it was 2nd week of august 2012 when me and my family went at universal to enjoy the last days of our summer vacation. it was my first time here so i was too much excited to try all the rides and buy souvenirs and of course, to take a picture to the famous universal globe XD 

me and my siblings waste no time to take several? (or i can say LOTS! of picturesXD with the globe ) haha! sorry for being vain.

first, we tried this 4D cinema where we watched shrek. it was so entertaining and i can say we made a right choice to try it first. this is one of my favorites :) (sorry i've only got the outside photo because taking pictures while inside is prohibited.)

now, going to the main attraction of all, the hollywood dream ride! haha! it is the most exciting of all the rides for me. it is the first ride we tried :) we waited in the line for almost 30 minutes but i can say... it is WORTH THE WAIT! you'll be losing heart and soul once you try this! hahahaha!

next, the universal's newest and i can say my favorite ride, the amazing adventures of spiderman!! here, you will be a vehicle where the villains will try to attack you with fire (there's actually a fire that will heat you), electric, water (it will sprinkle on you) bombs, etc. and then spiderman will come to help you and saves the day YEHEEEEY!! haha! 

right after the AMAZING ride in spider man, we went straight to the "back to the future the ride" (sorry i dont have a close-up shot) this ride made our stomach upside-down!! daig pa ang roller coaster XD  everyone was saying "nasusuka na ako...alis na tayo dito" :)) but it was a nice ride though.

after the "upside-down ride" we've decided to have lunch in jurassic park inspired resto. here i ordered a set meal that has chicken meat, sausage and meat balls, java rice and the only reason why i chose this is the fossil bread XD i got curious what it tastes like hahaha! parang simpleng tinapay lang naman pala :P haha!

finally, my favorite of all! haha! the jurassic ride!! this is our favorite ride! akala mo wala lang.. pero pag sumakay kana NAKO! hahaha! :P 3 beses kaming sumakay kaya pagkatapos BASANG-BASA kami! hahaha! want to see our faces?? here:

me the one with blue shirt. nicole, with pink long-sleeves and almira in my side XD

nahiwalay si renzo e.hahaha! but he has the best shot! HAHAHA!!!

we also tried the space shuttle, too bad i dont have any shot from it. sayang haha. after trying all the rides we just took a rest and waited for the grand parade to start. we were all exhausted haha! 

pictures of the parade:

after the parade we had a japanese dinner near universal. 

we really had an amazing and of course, MAGICAL day to remember! that's all folks!

here are some more pictures. ENJOY!


Angelo Espanol said...

Nice photos... you got an eye of a professional photographer... Thanks for sharing!

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Nanzy Melgazo said...

nice place to visit. very beautiful Japan. nways Richard, i saw ur comment on my blog, just visited ur blog now..... ;)

rchardjcob said...

thank you so much! more blog posts to come for you guys! :)

rchardjcob said...

well that's so nice of you! thank you for complementng :)

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thank you for visiting! much apprecated! :)