Sunday, March 3, 2013


Thanks Goodness its FREEday! freedays are my favorite days of the week :)) meaning, NO school and NO work days!! Well for a working student like me freeday is like a delcious cold water in the middle of the dessert (OA lang?). well ganun talaga.  So it was a lazy friday morning where I don't have school and work and Nicole have no school too, we've decided to hangout and watch movie. I woke up late and didn't take any breakfast and lunch so we've decided to have brunch in HINOKUNI (fire country in english). Hinokuni is a japanese-yakiniku (bbq) resto where me and nicole are working! ^^.
Nics ordered wagyu rib rose meat set. tender and very juicy!!
I ordered Wagyu Tokusen Calbee set. asdfghjkl!! SARAP!!
The meal set comes with salad, chicken wakame soup and unlimited rice!! best for those who have big stomach!!
After that bountiful  brunch, we went straight downtown to check out the movies. But before we hit the cinemas, we had some "mga feeling model photoshoot!" #OOTD: 
Nic's feeling candid pose :)
What she's wearing: wayfarer shades from Rayban, skinny jeans from Uniqlo, classic navy blue kicks from TOMS, side bag from Tommy Hilfiger, jacket from Japan and long-sleeves from Japan
"awkward smile is awkward"
What I'm wearing: 
Cardigan Jacket from.... ( I forgot the store) LOL!
559689_3887589847108_1060686156_nBrooklyn Organic tote from Maptote
550003_3887589127090_1829082045_nBlack watch from Kitson LA
482849_3887590767131_543005087_nblack jegger skinny jeans from Lee and classic ash grey kicks from TOMS :)
After our "feeling model/pro-blogger shoot"  we went to cinemas to watch A Good Day To Die HArd starring Bruce willis, Jai Courtney and more!!.
Well after that Action-packed movie, we went to Gyu-Kaku  a bikingu (viking) restaurant!! (EAT ALL YOU CAN). Its is really my promise to Nics to treat her here for her birthday but our sched won't match. So,this is my Belated birtday treat for her!!
Table for two please... (yung totoo. pang 2 tao lang ba talaga to? LOL)
assorted meats ordered by my patabaing baboy :)
shrimp foil
Chanja (korean spicy food)
Garlic Cloves foil
Kankoku Nori (Korean Nori)
Vanity shot to end the post :)
-Pics taken from Nikon D3200 
haay. been a long and pig day for both of us! must do this more often LOL!.  So, what do you guys do on your free days? where do u hangout? share your own TGIF moments by sharing thru comments!

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