Thursday, May 24, 2012

Iphonetographs! (Iphone photographs)

hey guys! recently, i was really obsessed about taking photographs using my iphone4. i really don't know how it started but yeah, im addicted to it!.
so let me share to y'all some of my photographs. hope y'all like it! :) (these are the edited version)

this shot was taken when we went to batangas for summer vacation. it is in munting buhangin resort. the resort was really awesome! perfect place to spend time to relax and unwind. 
the beach is so beautiful. the water is crystal clear and the sand is pure. the fascilities also were very good.

this shot was taken at the manila memorial park..

the next two shots were taken in baguio city. it is during our educational trip..

the next photographs you will see were taken here in japan. these photos were taken in different places along my way when riding my bicycle.

this photo is one of my best shot--

 pink rose, because red is too mainstream :P

one of my favorite shots:

dont know what kind of flower is this but it's beautiful isn't it?

 black and white..

perfect sunset :)

it took me a while to took this shot because it's really windy that time and the flowers were all moving that made my phone hard to focus. but in the end i can say that this one is really really really the best!

all my pictures are edited and enhanced (obviously) haha! i used different iphone apps to add more life in my photos. you can see all of these photos and more in my instagram account. my username is rchardjcob. 

thanks guys! hope you all liked it!!! dont forget to leave comments and feedbacks about my blog! :)


Anonymous said...

Since im the first one to leave a comment here. All i can say is.. Wow ;) Great shots. Keep it up richard! :)

rchardjcob said...

thanks a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

nice chard ! (⌒▽⌒) bili kna dslr mas mggng mgnda ung kuha..

rchardjcob said...

thanks! kaso baka masayang lang e.ahaha! baka mamaya trip trip ko lang to.

Carolinne said...

Awesome pictures !'I liked all of them but this last one is just...I don't know...perfect ?!'It just doesn't seems that was taken through an iPhone

rchardjcob said...

all of them were taken by my iphone. i just enhanced all of them so it looked like from a pro camera

helloitskrista said...

scanned through your blog. The photos you took were amazing! I wish I had an iPhone too! You can check this one if you have time:

Gigster said...

hey richard! wonderful iphone shots you have here! btw, thanks for dropping by my site. i already added you to my list. you may want to add me to yours too. regards! :D

helloitskrista said...
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Eunice said...

Cool photos! Thanks for dropping by. Added you on my list. I hope you do the same. More power! ☺☺☺

AlexanderLand said...

Your shots are DOPE!

rchardjcob said...

sure! :) thanks also ;)

rchardjcob said...

thanks! haha :)