Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stressful baby steps..

hey guys! how you doin? this week I've spent most of my days working on my blog! I'm not really good at setting up blogs! and  don't really know if I'm doing it right!

I'm really stressed about how I can make my blog more active, more audience-friendly, and more catchy in the eyes of the readers. I want my blog to be simple but "madating". I've tried many templates and done many customizing so it ended up like this. It took me almost 3 days to finally decide what theme should I use. At first, I was confused which blogsite should I use Wordpress or blogger? first I made an account on wordpress but the customizing themes are very limited!. You can't change everything you want!! but the good part about using wordpress is that your blog is more visible to everyone even though they're not following you yet, and still many features that they don't have in blogger. But still, I chose blogger. XD reasons are, blogger is more newbie-friendly, very easy to customize and very flexible!! they also have most of the features you needed and you have the "control" in everything..

so, what do guys think about my blog? too simple? I know. so please give me all your suggestions and side comments on everything in my blog. Good, Bad everything!! so yeah :) hope u guys can help me! CIAO!


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Ms Ganda said...

Hey newbie, u'r on d right track! Simple is beautiful..and easier to rel8 with. i think i would use this site too...tnx for doing the research!
Advice: be confident and express who you are...coz ur blog will say so much abt never forget d guidelines...
Happy blogging...see u around! :)